Social Media star Ritik Sharma: I wish to pursue modelling | #NayaSaveraNetwork


Mumbai. Popular for his charm and smile on social media, Ritik Sharma has gained a lot of popularity with his reel. Ritik who has a perfect body and is a fitness influencer. We connected with him to know about his lifestyle and future plans.

Talking about his fitness routine, he says, "Well, I have a job too, I'm working as a Digital Marketing Head in a real estate firm, so it is very challenging to keep up the fitness and work in equilibrium, I come from office around 7:30 and then workout from 7:45 to 9:15, that workout is intense which release my stress and rejuvenates my mood. I workout 6 days in a week and have 8 eggs post workout meal after that, I do double body part in a single day to train all body parts twice in a week."

When asked if is he interested planning to do modelling or acting. He added, "I am already doing modelling and associated with Heritage India, I have done various product and many brand shoots for top noche brands. I also wish to pursue the same as it excites me the most."

As we see Ritik enjoys a decent good followers over his instagram account. When asked him about how social media is helping him. He states, "Social Media helps me a lot, its a good source of earning and connecting with people. I started using instagram in 2019 and in the span of 3 years i have gained 70000+ followers on instagram organically by posting content. I love to make reels, come live and interact with my audience."

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