Actress Nikita Rawal Shares Her New Year's Resolutions and Plans for the New Year's Eve | #NayaSaveraNetwork

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Every new beginning begins with the end of one or the other beginning. While it is always difficult to say goodbye, looking forward to a new and better tomorrow is what keeps us motivated. And as we bid goodbye to 2022 and remember the good times we had, we too are gearing up for a wonderful 2023 with some purpose in our mind. Tis the season to make merry, and the celebration continues till New Year. After two years of devastating pandemic, this time the merriment is going to be doubled. Some people plan their New Year parties and holidays in advance. They book clubs and party hotspots to ring the celebration. A lot of hype is created around planning that perfect New Year’s Eve.
Actress Nikita Rawal Shares Her New Year's Resolutions and Plans for the New Year's Eve  | #NayaSaveraNetwork

Sharing her plans Nikita Rawal says,"I am going to have a nice, quiet and relaxed celebration with my family at home after a hectic schedule. Covid has taught us great lessons about uncertainty and I think that I'm going to spend as much time with my family as possible. I try to come home for all festivals."

The Bollywood star and fashion diva never disappoints her fans.Apart from her acting skills, her fashion statements often make headlines as well. 

Talking about her resolution, she says"My New Year’s resolution is just to be happy and healthy and also to quit sweets and sugar. I plan to take more care of myself and my body. I vow to enjoy and accept every moment and phrase of good and bad in my life. Also, i plan on working on higher goals and bag some bigger movies and shows too."

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