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    ZeishanQuadri finally opens ups, and breaks his silence on false allegations about cheating and dead threat Controversy, during media interaction.

    Zeishan Quadri finally broke his silence on the recent controversy with the media after Shalini’s (had accused Quadri of fraud, she had also alleged that Quadri has been giving her death threats ).

    The multi talented actor, writer and director Zieshan Quadri has given an official statement post Ms Chaudhary’s false accusations against him. Recently Shalini Chaudhary had accused Zieshan Quadri for cheating and giving death threats to her (without having any evidence or showing any proof to the media) in her recent media press conference.

    Putting an end to all the false allegations Zeishan Quadri has finally opened up with the media with his response, He denied the claims of the complainant calling it a publicity stunt,Zeishan has urged the government to take strict legal action against those who falsely accuse celebrities and spread false rumors for publicity without having any solid evidence.

    The statement also clarified further how he has been falsely accused and assaulted by Shalini and her sons with their bad behaviour & foul language and how they are taking advantage of his silence and gaining publicity using his name.

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