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    The thrill of performing in front of a live audience is unparalleled: Ashoka Thackur, who will be seen in a new play titled Boomerang, talks about his love for theatre

    When entertainment is just a click away with a horde of actors screaming for attention, theatre seems to be a favoured medium to explore when an artist is looking for meaningful scripts, a stress-free atmosphere, and tranquility. Ashoka Thackur is all praise for the stage. He says, “Preparing for a play is an enriching experience because we work on the script for months. It takes months to put everything together before the actors associated with a play take it to the stage. It demands a lot more hard work as compared to films and TV shows. The thrill of performing in front of a live audience is unparalleled. You don’t experience that feeling anywhere else. I have realised that theatre helps you in becoming a better actor and honing your craft as you spend more time than usual on one play. That’s something you hardly get to do when you are part of a film or TV show because of deadlines and time constraints. Every play teaches you something and that’s why I love theatre.”

    Ashoka ensures to make time for theatre. In fact, he will soon be seen in Chaitanya Solankar’s play titled Boomerang. Talking about his love for the medium, he says, “I enjoy being on stage. Once I am on stage, I just don’t want to step down (laughs!). I have always felt that acting in front of a live audience is extremely difficult and daunting than performing in front of the camera. But what’s interesting is that I get to see their reactions live. I get immediate feedback. I can see whether they’re interested or are liking my performance. So, an artist does get nervous because of the mounting pressure not to let the ball drop even for a second. But I always enjoy the experience and thrill of being on stage.”

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