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    Popular influencer Haania Manzar exposes a brand for exploiting her content

    Beauty and Skincare influencer Haania Manzar comes out to expose the "blur India" brand for utilizing her content inappropriately.

    On social media more generally, there is an issue. Because many brands today believe that if anything is available online, it is ‘in the public domain’ and they are free to utilize it any way they see fit. Which is not true.

    Now, we are witnessing a case of copyright infringement where a Beauty and cosmetic brand called ‘Blur India’ keeps using famous beauty and skincare influencer Haania Manzar's personal content. The issue here is that ‘Blur India’ is exploiting Haania's content videos and running promotional advertising in spite of many warnings and without her personal consent.

    Amplifying this concern about misusing her content, Haania Manzar posted a screenshot of the brand's post through her Instagram stories and captioned it, “STOP USING MY PERSONAL CONTENT. I HAVE NEVER GIVEN YOU PERMISSION FOR THIS @blurindia. It's been months my team has been trying to talk to ur team regarding this. You say you won't repeat, But you guys never stop, This is not acceptable.”

    Haania likewise asked her fans and well-wishers to report the advertisement if they see it.

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