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    Mansi Yuvraaj Hans does not relate to her on-screen character Mansi in Swaran Ghar: Unlike her I love my brother and believe in karma

    Mansi Sharma plays the role of RD in Swaran Ghar, produced by ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s Dreamiyata Entertainment. The actor relates to the title as it makes her remember her maternal grandmother’s house. Though the story is different and has no similarity with her life, the name makes her nostalgic and happy.

    “Mansi In real life is completely different from RD Because I believe in karma and I don’t believe in harming anyone. But RD is just the opposite. Unlike her, I love my brother a lot and am very protective of him,” she says.

    Swaran Ghar is high on emotion and drama with regards to interpersonal relationships in the family. The content is different from other shows on TV.

    “I have seen families where kids don't take care of their parents. It makes me sad. Also, at times, being a mother myself I can now relate to what parents do for their kids which we can’t even think of repaying them and as everyone say kitna bhi kamaa lo, maa-baap ka karz kabhi nahi utar payenge,” she adds.

    Mansi also shares that the current generations deal very differently with parents compared to how it was earlier.

    “I just feel when we were kids, our parents used to take care of us and when we grow up, they need us all the time. So, we should always be with or near them,” she says.

    Stories on parent-child relationships are evergreen. “That’s the bond which we can’t compare with any relation. My baby is just two years old but every sec he is in my thoughts and mind. Even at night I wake up and check if he’s fine or not. So can’t thank my parents enough for giving me this beautiful life,” adds the actor.

    About working with team Dreamiyata, she shares, “I have just started shooting. It has only been two days and I feel amazing working with the whole team. Also, Sargun has worked with my Husband and I have heard a lot about her from other people so I am sure this experience is going to be amazing.”

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