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    I am really happy this year as this is the first time I will be bringing Ganpati in my Own Mumbai Home - Says an Ecstatic Pia Bajpiee

    September is here and that brings with it the great celebration of Ganpati Festival. The Ganeshotsav is probably the biggest season in the Country and people leave no stone unturned in its celebrations. From special delicasies to beautiful ornaments, the whole of Maharashtra is lit up like a blushing bride. Amongst the many who are impatiently waiting to welcome Bappa into their homes is Actress Pia Bajpiee who is over the moon to bring in Ganpati for the first in Mumbai.

    She opens up about her faith in the Lord and how it has matured over time. "I am super excited to bring Ganpati into my house this year as it's really special. It will be my first time in Mumbai and it means the world to me. We all ask for different things from God in our waysby sometimes exchanging promises for favors and I used to be the same. But as I've grown up I've realized that He knows what we really want. We don't need to tell him or ask him or even plead, the Superpower is all aware of our deepest desires. "

    She adds, " I always used to dream of bringing my own Ganpati in my very own house and this year He has made it come true so it's the most beloved feeling that I have. I am truly grateful for everything He has bestowed on me."

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