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    Bidaai was a blessing for me: Angad Hasija

    Rajan Shahi’s popular show 'Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai' went on air again from 29th August. The show has gained a lot of popularity and the loyal audience are extremely happy because of this. We spoke to Angad Hasija who plays Alekh Rajvansh in the show about his fondest memories and learnings from Bidaai.
    He says, "I'm happy that Bidaai is coming back on Star Bharat. When I heard the news, I was quite surprised because a lot of people messaged me saying that they want to see me again as Alekh. I always had the feeling that it should come because Bidaai is one of the shows that people have not forgotten till date and even my dialogues are embedded in people’s hearts. It's very rare that people remember your individual dialogues so I am really grateful for my fans. Bidaai has been a crucial part of my life. People still recognize me as Aalekh."
    Speaking about his learnings from the show, Angad adds,”Alekh Rajvansh is a character in my career that has an important role to play. It was difficult for me since it was my first show; before this, I had never faced a camera. So my director, Director Kut Productions, Rajan Shahi  supported me throughout because for a newcomer, it is important to have the perfect support and I definitely had and still have their support. Also the entire cast crew are very precious to me. It's been 15 years now but we're still like one family. There has never been a day where we haven't talked. We're still in touch. I was a 19-year-old newcomer from Punjab. Director Romesh Kalra, he supported me and treated me like a family member. I still discuss everything with Rajan Sir if I get confused with certain things in life."

    On asking about his entire journey till date, Angad says, "It all started with Bidaai and after having a hit show like Bidaai, your career journey gets smooth. People know you and even if you do not work for a while, it doesn't bother you much because you get invited to events, you are featured in digitally/print magazines. Bidaai was a blessing for me."

    You have made friends for lifetime - Sara, Parul, Kinshuk. What are your thoughts on your bond with them?
    “Sara, Paul and Kinshuk are my lifelong friends and they're gifts that I got from Bidaai. It's very rare for people to have friends who are for life time and especially nowadays because everyone is busy. We are still friends. We have the same bond, nothing has changed.”

    On asking about Rajan Shahi’s role in his career Angad says,
    “I remember a day before the show was going on-air, Rajan ji sent me a beautiful message that I will never forget.  It was a  message saying, "Your life is going to be changed from tomorrow and people are going to watch you on screen and you are going to be a star". So getting a message like this from an ace producer as a fresher myself, it was a big deal for me. I was so emotional and I'm thankful to God that I have people like him in my life who genuinely love me and want me to do good and be successful in life. Rajan ji is one of the people who has supported me throughout and he still does. I will give credit to him because I seek guidance from him for any of the shows. Given an opportunity, I would love to work with him again.”

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