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    Shreya Kulkarni spotted on the set of daily soap 'Baalumama chya navana Chang bhala' on colors marathi

    Actress Shreya Kulkarni known for her song “Dimple yetay gaalvar” is always seen working for her challenging roles in the TV shows ,movies, albums and webseries.
    Shreya Kulkarni is now spotted in film city shooting for her new work. She is now working for the strongest TRP serial “Baalumama chya navana Chang bhala”. Shreya is seen in the role of “Mina” a dancer. Shreya kulkarni is in a look of nauvari saree and a dozen of golden Jwellery that has increased the beauty of her incredible look in the role of “Mina”. Shreya when asked about shoot she replied that “I am too much found of maharastrian looks and feel. I will always love to work for Marathi serials and movies if given a priority.
    Shreya kulkarni said it’s her second most best role played of serials of which first one is of “Jai jai swami Samartha” in which she played a negative shade named “Saudamini”
    Shreya being an actress loves to work only for the serials which her mom watches. Shreya says it’s too much loving moment when she sees her mom watching her in their home on TV. That’s how me and my mom meet Shreya says as she stays in Mumbai while her family stays in Jalgaon.
    Watch Shreya Kulkarni daily in “Baalumama chya navana Chang bhala”

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