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    International Sports Day 2022, actress Seerat Kapoor on her favorite sports activity says, 'It’s not which sport you play. It’s about how you chose to play it'

    The current generation of Bollywood actors other than acting on screen, are also aggressively following their favourite activities, including indulging in sports, to keep themselves fit and healthy. Seerat Kapoor, who is one of our loved actresses in Tinsel Town, is one of those actresses who has always been into sports since childhood and the actress has shared her genuine love for sports on this International Sports Day 2022.

    "Sports are a great source of fitness but that’s only scratching the surface of it. It enables us as individuals to learn and improve personal and interpersonal values. Playing a sport is an effective stress-buster too for me," says actress Seerat. On adding more to this, Seerat Kapoor gave her thoughts on this day of International Sports Day. The actress reveals, "Sportsmanship is a way of life. What follows is a journey of discipline, gratitude, accountability, happiness and mental peace”

    Seerat also reveled on how in between the shoots the actress keeps her team entertained by playing some outdoor sports with them. She says, "Sports if played with a healthy spirit, is also a great exercise for team building. Often during tiresome schedules, it works fabulously to surprise the team, wake them up and watch light their faces light up with smiles. The energy on set revives in unison”

    Seerat is not only astonishing us with her scintillating dance moves and persona but is also motivating us to stay more healthy and focus on our fitness and enjoy it as much as we can.

    On the work front, Seerat is shooting for her last schedule of her Tollywood feature under Dil Raju's production, apart from that the actress will also make her Bollywood debut alongside Tushar Kapoor in Maarich, this year.

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