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    'Woh Toh Hai Albelaa': Sayuri gets to know the truth

    The Monday episode of Rajan Shahi's "Woh Toh Hai Albelaa" started with Kanha going to talk to Saroj but she stops him and tells him that she is one unlucky mother whose one son killed the other. Kanha tries to say something but she tells him that she can't believe that she has given birth to him. Kanha then goes to Sayuri. She starts throwing things around. Kanha notices a broken vase and goes to the other side so that Sayuri doesn't get hurt. Sayuri blames him for Cheeru's death and tells him that if she knew that there was some problem in her kundali, she would have stayed friends with Cheeru, but he would have been alive at least. Kanha gets upset hearing this and Sayuri leaves.

    Meanwhile, at the Sharam house, Bhanumati tells Indrani that Kanha must have exchanged the kundali for a reason, but Indrani is worried that Sayuri and Saroj won't understand it. They then see Sayuri at the door and she tells them that she can't live in the Chaudhary haveli. Indrani tells Bhanumati that she was worried that this might happen.

    At the same time, Dhanraj talks to Saroj and tells her that she is Kanha's mother too and she should understand that there must be a reason why Kanha did what he did. But she is adamant that Cheeru is dead because of Sayuri and it all happened because Kanha changed her kundali. She tells Dhanraj that she won't let Kanha and Sayuri live in the house. Dhanraj tells her that if that happens even he will leave.

    Kanha is in tears and is remembering when Cheeru told him that now that the kundalis are exchanged everything will be fine. Nakul comes to him and asks him to tell the truth to everyone, but Kanha asks him not to.

    Later, Nakul is worried when Rashmi comes to him and consoles him. We also see Kanha walking on the road thinking about what Sayuri and Saroj told him.

    After a while, Nakul tells Dhanraj and Tej that he can't find Kanha anywhere. He then sees Saroj coming and tells her that it's because of her that Kanha and Sayuri have left home and if he is unable to find Kanha she will never see his face as well.

    In the upcoming episode, we will see that Kanha reaches the temple and is walking on burning coal when Nakul calls his name. Sayuri was also at the temple and she was shocked to see Kanha. Later, at home Sayuri applies homemade ointment on Kanha's wounds. To know what happens next, keep watching the show.

    Produced under Director's Kut Productions, "Woh Toh Hai Albelaa" features Shaheer Sheikh, Hiba Nawab, Kinshuk Vaidya, Sachin Tyagi, Pallavi Pradhan, Sucheta Khanna, Mehul Buch, Nayan Bhatt, Somesh Agarwal, Suruchi Adarkar, Rachi Sharma and Vaishnavi Ganatra. It airs on Star Bharat, Monday to Friday at 9 p.m.

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