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    Seerat Kapoor Captured In A Glimpse From Her Sets Of Dil Raju; Shares An Adorable BTS Still-Check Out The Picture Now

    Mumbai. When we hear that one of our favorite celebrities is ready to start filming one of their major projects, we frequently tend to check it out or explore it to learn more, even just to have a quick look at how they are dressing or what they are about to shoot. In the case of Seerat Kapoor, curiosity has been on the extreme rise! Alas, the wait is over as the actress gets papped from the sets of her upcoming feature with ace producer Dil Raju, setting standards high.
    Seerat Kapoor has been currently in Hyderabad shooting for her next big Telugu feature, which is backed by Dil Raju's production, and we hear the film is all about dance. On the sets, the actress gets papped looking no less than a goddess of beauty.  Without a doubt, we can say that Seerat is one of those actresses we have in tinsel town who can hail any look like a pro with her unique style, and that's what the talk is about. We have brought to you the exclusive image from inside the sets of Dil Raju.
    Seerat has just given us a quick sneak into her look from her on location which seems to be some studio where Seerat is seen donning a black crisscross sports bra with denim pants and net stockings beneath it. Talking about the hair, the actress went with her perfect curls in a half-tie updo. In addition, her make-up seems neutral, with perfect brows and a light lip shade to complete her look. We notice long earrings for accessories. This look is winning our hearts and we can't wait to see the entire ensemble of the actress. In the picture, Seerat is captured while taking a shot in front of the camera. Although we aren't able to gauge much through the picture, we can't wait for the actress to reveal further details.

    On the work front, Seerat will be also making her big screen Bollywood debut along with Nasiruddin Shah and Tushar Kapoor in Maarich, which is soon going to hit the theaters.

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