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    Aqib Rashid : Vidyut Jammval always motivate me to stay fit and healthy.

    Obesity and being not much concerned about health was a drawback in our country. After the Social media was introduced, Youth found it more important to address this major issue and to get people fit and active.

    Social Media influencer and fitness freak Aqib Rashid, has inspired a lot of people with his fashion sense and toned-muscular body.

    Sharing his love for fitness he says, "We have always heard the word ‘fitness’ and ‘health’. We use it ourselves when we say such phrases like ‘fitness is the key’ and ‘health is wealth’. The word health means the idea of ‘being well’. When a person functions well physically as well as mentally, we call that person healthy and fit. For me fitness has been a blessing art that keeps me active and motivated. I try my best to create awareness about the importance of being fit and healthy."

    Aqib continues to share benifits of having a healthy lifestyle. "Exercise helps in the stimulation muscles development, joints and bones, as well as the lungs and heart. It helps a person maintain a constant healthy weight. Exercise helps young people manage symptoms of depression and anxiety."

    Aqib one of the most eligible guy in India. Asked him about his role model from bollywood. He reveals, " My role model, who actually inspired me into fitness is Vidyut Jammval. He's popularly credited as the 'New Age Action Hero of Bollywood', He also started with modelling before turning an actor. He has an envious physique and with every new film he seems to transform so effortlessly into the role. Vidyut is professionally trained in martial arts and is also heavily involved in gymnastics that allows him to flaunt his well-sculpted body. He always motivate me."

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