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    Sayli Ke Soldiers make a heartfelt gesture to welcome their newlywed captain Sayli Kamble on the stage of Superstar Singer 2

    While Captain Sayli Kamble’s wedding was one of the most talked-about event in the Indian Music Industry, Superstar Singer 2 contestants and Sayli ke Soldiers-Pratyush Anand, Samaira Mahajan and Vishwaja Jadhav have their own way to make it even more special for the singer.

    All three talented kids will wash their beloved captain Sayli’s feet as a loving gesture and will also shower flowers over her to welcome her as a newlywed. While all of them refer to her as their elder sister, Pratyush takes up the opportunity to warn Sayli’s husband to take proper care of her.

    Watch this beautiful moment unfold on the stage of Superstar Singer 2 this Saturday and Sunday at 8pm only on Sony Entertainment Television

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