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    Mother's Day Special-"I want to make myself capable in the life of fulfilling my mother's wishes.", says actress Jyoti Saxena

    Mothers have an important part in the raising of their children, and they should be celebrated every day. On this special occasion of Mother's Day, Jyoti Saxena shares a heartfelt message on how her mother has motivated and encouraged her and been her biggest cheerleader throughout her life.

    As we all know, Jyoti Saxena is one of the most versatile actresses in the industry. The actress is quite active on social media, and she keeps all of her fans up to date on her daily activities and her prospective projects.

    On the special occasion of Mother's Day, the actress says, "My mother is the most beautiful woman on this planet." She has taught me a great deal. I'm not sure if I'd be able to accomplish anything without her voice in my brain. Some simple things like how to make a Kadha when I am sick to adding in my fashion taste, all credit goes to my mother. The actress continues by recalling, "My mother used to spoil me and prepare all of my favorite foods when I was a kid." Not only my mother, but my whole family is my priority. I want to make myself capable in life of fulfilling my mother's wishes and always looking after my parents. We often hear people say, it is impossible to run a house without a mother, so for me, if my mother wishes anything, I simply give my all to fulfill it. My mom has reached a certain age, but I make sure to always follow her wishes. Recently, she wanted to go visit the Golden Temple, and we fulfilled this wish of hers. I and my brother make sure, even though we have a small family, to keep both our parents happy. Our parents play a very pivotal role in our lives, and I can't even comprehend a day without their absence".

    We can say that Jyoti Saxena shares a very emotional bond with her mother and it has kept growing stronger and stronger over the years. Mother and daughter bonds are indeed precious.

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