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    Is Shekhar Suman all set to star in an exciting new project? The actor takes to Instagram and says 'Lights, Sound, Camera, Loads of Action!'

    Shekhar Suman is a name synonymous with all things entertainment since over 3 decades. The Versatile actor has always been at the forefront of Film, TV and stage, entertaining millions of fans across the globe.
    His fans have been waiting since a while to hear of a hint from their favourite actor on his work and have always flooded his Twitter and Instagram Messages with a whole lot of love and not to forget requests to see him back on their screens! The legendary actor has now put them to ease and has posted a video hinting at “Lights, Sound, Camera & Action” which surely has sent his fans and us in a frenzy!

    He captioned the reel as " Lights, Sound, Camera & Loads of Action… Wait for it💪🏻🎬🤫.


    This surely seems like the wait to see him and to experience him entertain us is close to coming to an end and after delivering super films like Utsav, Anubhav, Naache Mayuri, Sansar, Tridev etc and iconic shows on television such as Reporter, Dekh Bhai Dekh, Vilaiti Babu, Andaaz, Tedhi Baat, Amarprem, Movers and Shaker, Mein, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Comedy Circus, Poll Khol and many more, we can’t help but wonder what’s in store for us! Whatever it is, we are positive the talented and dynamic actor is surely going to take it up multiple notches higher! Stay tuned guys!

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