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    Dragons are real and they’re here to take over your city!!!

    Dragons are most famously known for their fire-breathing and flight abilities, as well as their formidable reputation. Drawings and paintings of creatures that resemble dragons date back over 4000 years ago. The image of the dragon that endures today was popularized by folklore that arose in the middle ages and is a combination of many different depictions of mythical monsters from different sources and cultures.

    With Real FX and advanced technology experience, dragons like never before are in their prime and glory. The Dragons spew simulated realistic flames with smoke…. Which adds

    to the total customer experience and gives it a natural look and feel… Dragons' movements are based on sensors that react to customer presence… movements include head, eye, jaws, natural roaring sound, the flapping of wings, etc…

    A one-of-a-kind massive & sensory-based installation this is the first time the city and the civilians will experience something like this curated by Harsons events in collaboration with Phoenix market city this summer vacation will be one of the many to truly cherish and remember visit us soon and relive the Akkadian era like never before.

    Walk into nostalgia as you hang out with your favorite characters from the cartoon network!

    Summer vacations mean lots of fun and learning for your kids. Explore exciting workshops, games, food, shopping, dancing, and more at #SummerCity at Phoenix Market city this summer as you spend leisure time with family and as we become part of your happy memories.

    Cartoon Network has produced legendary characters that have given us infinite memories and have left a great impact on our childhood take a walk down the memory lane with your favorite cartoons this summer as you shop and stroll at Phoenix Market City.

    Visiting from 29th April the heroes of your telly box! Accompany Grizzly, Panda, and Ice on their fun adventures amongst the humans of the bay of WE BARE BEARS.

    Help Blossoms, Bubbles, and Buttercup fight against the mad scientist Professor Mojo Jojo as he tries to take over the world with his malicious intentions. Join Ben 10 in his epic journey of saving the universe from aliens and villains as they try to get a hold of the most powerful and precious Omnitrix alongside Ekans as he fights in saving his people versus all the evil of the world! And many more.

    Here is the schedule for your telly friend and when you can visit them:
    7th-8th May: BEN10 & Ekans
    14th-15th May: Scooby Doo
    21st-22nd May: We Bare Bears
    28th-29th May: Powerpuff Girls
    Venue : Phoenix Market City Kurla Mumbai

    Come down to hang out with your heroes as they visit the city for a special meet and greet!!!

    Deepika Parkar

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