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    Talent is priceless,

    Artist in this world cannot coming with the shadow of life .We give art to joy and life to others. Madhya
    Pradesh artist Anmol Mathur live in Indore, his dream is big for our
    family, working with respectable life, all country doing job but life of
    anmol job is never in a life, he is playing with colors , after school life he is very much
    Passionate of art painting, but family is trouble and living not well in life, he is not pay attention in our studies due to financial
    crisis, anmol famous amar chitra katha chanda mama learn and doing art by visual
    characters with comics, anmol belongs to very simple family , father died when Anmol was 23 years of age and that time
    Anmol's first exhibition takes place at Radisson Hotel, it is an
    opportunity to promote in art and he travels with so many experiences
    to international countries, after 2019 shadow like a big virus And in
    March 2020, he created our first world record by the World Book of
    Records, and the fourth Guinness World Record by the world's largest
    bubble wrap painting, Anmol said every art has a talent to fight ,the
    story of a canvas is mirror , Anmol is an only son so he is working very
    carefully, with experience, 35 year old man also provided the new
    art of the 21st century, he is also the first liquid digital artist in the world,
    he believes. —that good literacy unites with life, Anmol worked with
    United Kingdom, Mexico, New York, Argentina, U, A, E, Lithuania,
    France, Italy, Turkey, Bangladesh, Egypt, Norway, Germany, India,
    Australia , e.t.c,

    The artist is a forest Can't finish the colors of the flowers,

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