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    Talent is perennial. If you have it in you then you will get opportunities


    The pandemic has changed a lot of things. The past was different. The magic of of big screen where you were the only highlight in a dark room, the larger than life context has changed with OTT and regional cinema.

    For actors, it won't be easy to get people back to the theatre unless the story is really good. The audience is demarcating us now and telling us what to give them

    I am platform agnostic as long as it's good content

    What we went through during pandemic was more than professional. As actors, we knew this was a backlog and we would get work once the waves wane. The technicians and daily wagers suffered a lot.

    The idea of insecurity and competition still there. As a debut, it should happen to everyone. It's a process.

    With multiple platforms, work will always be there but challenges will erupt as only brilliant work and actors will stand out. Pandemic gave perspective to creative people.

    South Indian cinema is very punctual with shoots. However, there will be problems everywhere. I haven't encountered anything unprofessional

    Anything new is exciting in regards to regional cinema. With the pandemic, everyone was exposed to this content, which was already there before but was now getting noticed because of the conversations. It has become a global village. I don't question it.

    On nepotism: as long as any conversation happens with grace and the right intent, it's fine. It's a valid conversation. The idea is to ensure that everyone who is talented and deserving should get work, coexist and thrive. Good talent, irrespective of the home they were born in, must be honed.

    Social media should be used for the good. When I came out about my condition, it was because I wanted to drive a positive change. No ody is perfect and it is okay to own the imperfections.

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