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    Nok-Jhok aur thahako se bhara hafta &TV par

    Get ready to witness some interesting nok-jhok and extra doses of laughter on &TV shows this week. About &TV’s Baal Shiv track, Shivya Pathania shares, “Nandi (Danish Akhtar) narrates the story of Mahadev (Siddharth Arora) and Devi Parvati's (Shivya Pathania) separation to Baal Shiv. He narrates how Ravan constructed the palace and then demanded it as his Dakshina. Then how Bhringi causes discord between Devi Parvati and Mahadev, forcing Mahadev to leave Kailash. When Baal Shiv hears this, he assures Devi Parvati that he will get Mahadev to her. Meanwhile, in the absence of Mahasati Anusuya (Mouli Ganguly), Devi Parvati teaches children to paint and asks Baal Shiv to draw a picture of the person he loves the most. He ends up drawing Mahasati Anusuya, which disappoints Devi Parvati. Baal Shiv goes to Parvati's house and cooks food for her, and for the first time, he eats without his mother. Mahasati Anusuya refuses to eat anything while waiting for Baal Shiv to return. It will be interesting to see how she reacts when she finds out Baal Shiv has food without her?”.

    About &TV's Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai? track, Shanti Mishra shares, “Everyone in the area is having a good time playing carom inside the adda that Bittu (Annu Awasthy) and his gang have set up. Mirza (Pawan Singh) and Mishra (Ambrish Bobby), on the other hand, must continuously seek permission from their wives for everything, and everyone mocks them for being ruled by their wives. Disappointed, Mirza and Mishra try hard to obtain permission from their wives but fail miserably. However, after repeated requests from Mirza and Mishra, both of their wives agree on one condition: they can only play for one hour. In the meantime, Shanti (Farhana Fatema) has a nightmare about their husbands being spoilt, drinking, and eve-teasing her, which scares her. She immediately shares her dream with Sakina (Akansha Sharma). Bittu and the crew plan to watch a three-hour film and invite Mirza and Mishra. They now seek Bittu and Pappu's assistance in persuading their wives, who agree to let them watch a movie but catch them red-handed. What will Mirza and Mishra do now to win their wife’s trust?”.
    About &TV’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan track, Rajesh shares, Bimlesh (Sapna Sikarwar) is fed up with Rajesh (Kamna Pathak) and Katori Amma's (Himani Shivpuri) frequent saas-bahu bickering. Beni (Vishwanath Chatterjee), on the other hand, receives an offer from a client who is an actor to represent him for a lesser amount. Bimlesh takes advantage of Beni's refusal to accept the deal. She devises a scheme and asks him to help her by posing as a past-life therapist in exchange for her persuading Beni to fight his case. Rajesh and Amma begin arguing once again, but this time Bimlesh informs them that their never-ending quarrels are linked to a past existence. Amma and Rajesh are intrigued, so they contact Rangeela Chaturvedi (Same Actor), who is posing as a past-life regression therapist. Rangeela, informs them that Amma was Rajesh's daughter-in-law in a previous life, and she was always harassing her mother-in-law (Rajesh). So, the only way to stop their battles is for Rajesh to repeat their previous life, but this time she must taunt and dominate Amma in the same way. Rajesh tries to tease Amma and make her do all the work in a fit of guilt. The twist comes in when Hritik, Chamchi, and Ranbeer listen to Bimlesh and Rangeela's conversation. Will they reveal their plan?"
    About &TV’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai track, Anita Bhabi shares, “Tiwari (Rohitashv Gour) and Vibhuti (Aasif Sheikh) have not returned home, which worries Anita (Vidisha Srivastava) and Angoori (Shubhangi Atre). Both are drunk and do not receive calls. After reaching home they fabricate an excuse for the delay. Vibhuti and Tiwari later make mock their wives' innocence and how easy they were misled. Angoori and Anita happen to listen to their conversation and conclude that they need to teach their husband a lesson. Angoori deceives Vibhuti into thinking she is on the phone with an unknown man. Meanwhile, Tiwari is taken aback when Anita tells her tailor about the correct size for making a kurta for an unknown man. Vibhuti and Tiwari are both disappointed and shocked. Tiwari follows Anita Bhabi the next day and is astounded to see that she has a new family with a child. Similarly, Vibhuti is taken aback when he sees Angoori with a Don named Tony. Will Angoori and Anita succeed to deceive their husbands?”.
    Watch Baal Shiv, Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai?, Happu Ki Ultan Paltan and Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai from 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm airing every Monday to Friday only on &TV

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