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    &TV’s ‘Laal Ishq – Foreign Special’, a brand-new season premiering on 4thApril, 2022

    After a successful run of its immensely popular fantasy-horror ‘Laal Ishq’ which was launched in 2018, &TV is all set to present a brand-new season titled ‘Laal Ishq – Foreign Special’ for all its loyal fans. The new season will premiere on April 4th, 2022and will air every Monday to Sunday at 5:00 pm only on &TV. It will be the first time that a Korean Horror Drama will be adapted for a Hindi General Entertainment Channel. The first story under the foreign special will be titled ‘Daniel Martha Ka Khaufnaak Shraap’– a Hindi adaptation of the popular Korean romantic horror, ‘The Master’s Sun’. This horror story with a romantic twist will captivate viewers with its spine-chilling ghosts and enchanting romance between Martha and Daniel. The show will have Tae Gong-shil as Martha Samson, Joo Joong-won as Daniel Cooper, Kang Woo as Richard, and Tae Yi-ryung as Jessica as the main lead. The show has been adapted keeping in mind the Hindi speaking audience’s evolving appetite for diverse horror content.

    Once a bright and sunny person, Martha Samson gets the supernatural ability to see ghosts after a mysterious accident. Her life is made hard by the incessant calls for assistance from the spirits, until she meets Daniel, a self-centered, ambitious and money-driven businessman who weighs every relationship with money. Upon discovering him to be a ghost repellent, a petrified Martha seeks solace in Daniel to repel the ghosts surrounding her all the time. While Daniel initially refuses, he eventually agrees to assist her in exchange for her help in retrieving a fortune stolen from him. ‘The Master’s Sun’ is a gripping story of Martha’s encounters with eerie ghosts and the beautiful romance that eventually blossoms between Martha and Daniel.

    Tune into ‘Laal Ishq – Foreign Special’ to watch a spine-chilling romantic-horror story, premiering on April 4th, 2022, at 5:00 pm, airing every Monday to Sundayonly on &TV!

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