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    Ambedkar Jayanti special starting April 14th in &TV’s Ek Mahanayak-Dr B.R. Ambedkar

    The birth of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, reverently called Babasaheb, is celebrated with great enthusiasm and honour across the country every year on April 14. To mark the 131st birth anniversary celebration of Dr B.R. Ambedkar, something exciting is in store for viewers of &TV’s show Ek Mahanayak-Dr B.R. Ambedkar from 14th April-19th April.

    In the track, Ramji Sakpal (Jagannath Nivangune) along with Ramabai (Narayani Varne) and people from the chawl where they reside will have a surprise birthday celebration planned for Bhimrao (Atharva). On the morning of his birthday, everyone gives their blessings and presents Bhimrao with a bouquet. While it seems like it is just another day, Bhimrao finds Ramabai writing a letter and gets curious. Ramabai then tells him that he can see the letter only if he takes her out to the beach. Upon returning to the chawl, Bhimrao is surprised, looking at the beautifully decorated chawl. He is more startled by his elder brother, Bala's presence after years - playing the dhol and this takes him down memory lane and recalling their childhood memories. Much to his delight, Bala is joined by Sethji, Panditji, Mangesh, Dhruv and Bhim’s teacher, Ambedkar Guruji from Satara along with his sisters Ganga, Manjula and his Rakhi sister, Madhvi. Bhim gets extremely emotional reminiscing his childhood in Satara and he fondly remembers his Aai, Bhimabai (Neha Joshi) and the indescribable bond that he shared with her. Viewers will also be in for a surprise with a song sequence dedicated to Bhimrao.

    Talking about the special episode, Bhimrao (Atharva) says, "It is indeed a very special moment. We get to celebrate Ambedkar Jayanti on the show and have the entire cast – past and present seen in the show. The special episode is heartwarming and has beautiful moments, especially between Bhimrao and Bhimabai. It is a reunion of sorts for the entire cast. Babasaheb is one of the most prominent voices in Indian history. Be it his fight for equality, women empowerment, or his involvement in the reformation of education - he has impacted the lives of every Indian. This episode is our special tribute to Babasaheb on his birthday.” Ramabai (Narayani Varne) adds, "I was ecstatic to meet the entire cast for this special shoot. The whole sequence of Bhimrao recalling his childhood days and, more specifically, his moments with his Aai are beautiful and heartwarming. The reunion of Bhimrao with Bala is quite emotional as well. We have a special song in store dedicated to Dr. Ambedkar on his birth anniversary. The episode is not to be missed and is a must-watch.”

    Ramji Sakpal (Jagannath Nivangune) says, "Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated every year on April 14 to commemorate Babasaheb Ambedkar’s birthday. Since our show narrates the life story of Babasaheb, we could not have celebrated his birthday more grandly than by creating a special episode. It was wonderful seeing the entire cast getting back together. Everyone was excited, and everything came out well. A special song has been curated to honour Babasaheb, and we are sure the viewers will enjoy it as much as we loved shooting for it.” Bhimabai (Neha Joshi) says, "I have no words to express my gratitude. It was wonderful to be back here to shoot with everyone for the special episode on Ambedkar Jayanti. Bhimabai is undoubtedly one of the most memorable roles of my career. Viewers and fans have appreciated it a lot. I felt nostalgic to return to the sets and was happy and emotional to see everyone, especially Aayudh. I also interacted with Atharva, who I think is a perfect choice to essay young Ambedkar’s role. I was also quite emotional seeing everyone, and this episode is quite special to all of us. I urge everyone to do watch it on April 14. This episode is special in every sense – not only does it honour and pay a tribute to Babasaheb, but it also brings back all the prominent characters from the show in one episode.” The young Bhimrao (Aayudh Bhanushali) shares, "When I reached the sets to shoot the sequence, everyone came running to meet me. I was so happy to see everyone and relive those memories. Watch this special episode and the exclusive song composed in praise of Dr Ambedkar to mark Ambedkar Jayanti. Jai Bhim!”

    Watch ‘Ambedkar Jayanti Special Episode’ starting April 14, in Ek Mahanayak – Dr B.R. Ambedkar at 8:30 pm, airing every Monday to Friday only on &TV!

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