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    #WorldSleepDay: Celebs on why good sleep is a must for a healthy mind and body

    Covid and subsequent lockdown affected the way we have been living our lives. Our work culture also got affected, while most of us stayed cooped up at our homes. What also went for a toss is our sleep cycle which had an adverse effect on both our mental and physical health. On World Sleep Day (March 18) that celebrates the benefits of healthy sleep and raises awareness around sleeping disorders, celebrities share how they ensure taking enough rest. They also answer questions like whether they make it a point to sleep on time, the minimum sleep hours they maintain, how much a good sleep helps them and what makes them sleep peacefully.

    Vaishalee Thakkar

    For me, a minimum six hours of sleep is a must. Good sleep is the key to good health. When you sleep well you wake up with better focus and good energy, which is so important for better functioning. Hot water bath, oiling of feet and listening to good classical ragas help me sleep better.

    Hasan Zaidi

    Well sleeping recharges every cell in our body. It is the most beautiful thing that one can indulge in. If all of us had a choice, I think at least I would be like a cat in the afternoon. Having said that earlier my sleep was undisturbed and it used to go for 8-10 hours, but having crossed 40, for some reason and I have discussed this with a lot of people in the same age group, who are facing a similar experience. So now 6-7 hours of sleep is like a luxury. I have this sleep cycle for the longest no matter what time I sleep, I always wake up between 6 to 7 am. When I wake up, I can't put myself back to sleep. But sleeping is beautiful. The body recharges especially if you work out, your recovery and muscle building and everything happens while you are asleep. Your cells rejuvenate and your mind is much better to take on the next day. Sleep as much as you can but don't overdo it.

    Somy Ali  

    My sleep habits vary depending on the calls I get from cops for victims seeking a safe space and other services my NGO (No More Tears) provides, therefore, unfortunately, I do not have a fixed sleep schedule. Sometimes I get calls as late as 3 am from detectives asking for help. Saturdays are my only day off so I get to sleep in and try to make up for the few hours I get during the week as much as I can. Granted sleep is pivotal to our health, but saving lives for me is more significant than getting eight hours of sleep. What can I say, it’s an occupational hazard, but worth it for sure.

    Pragati Mehra

    In my case, it's the other way round. With pandemic when one wasn't going anywhere it regulated my sleep pattern. There was a time I used to sleep 9 hours a day but now it's come down to 7 hours. I generally get to sleep without any fuss, so all is well. I can't stay awake beyond 12 at night. If I don't sleep well, I am cranky the next day.


    Vijayendra Kumeria

    I try to keep my sleep cycle fine by sleeping for 6 to 7 hours. I know it should be 8 hours, but it's quite difficult with the hectic schedule we have. Sleep is very important for your health, for you to be energetic the next day and for your body to function properly. So it is one of the most important things. I try to keep myself away from the phone before I go to bed. I don't watch any series, films or shows, or listen to news just before sleeping. I just calm myself down and meditate for 15-20 minutes before I sleep.

    Ayush Anand

    I don’t have a fixed sleeping time as I worked in a call centre for 3 and half years, and my shift used to change every fortnight. I don’t sleep for long hours, as I have been shooting most of the time, so 5 hrs of sleep is good enough for me as I sleep very deep. It's so deep that even if someone blows a trumpet near me, I won’t wake up (Laughs). I make sure that I take a warm water bath before I go to bed. I like sleeping with my stomach full (I know most people do the opposite), but my last meal is basically on the bed before I doze off. So, a nice warm water bath followed by a nice big meal helps me sleep peacefully.

    Hemant Chaddha

    The lockdown has made me go for a disciplined lifestyle. My body works like a clock. I believe in waking up early because that’s the time I can connect with myself and my inner peace. Each human is different, but for me I need a minimum of 5-6 hours of sleep. I believe that’s a sufficient amount to provide me with enough energy throughout the day. I prefer to listen to calming music, or sometimes read a book. I keep my phone away to avoid distractions when I am sleeping.


    Hansa Singh

    I love my beauty sleep. That’s my real energy booster, which went for a toss during the first lockdown. I was in the USA time zone. During the second lockdown I came to the UK time zone. So, basically sleep is my most important fitness mantra too. I like to have proper 8 hours of sleep but there are days when I sleep for 12 hours at a stretch. I always listen to my body. Leading an over exerting lifestyle, you sleep easily. There are days when I just put on some soothing music and it really helps me sleep. I don’t suffer from insomnia, I get scared when I don't feel sleepy.

    Charrul Malik

    Because of Lockdown, sleep cycle has been disturbed. But now I guess we all have recovered and I think sleeping on time is a must because the way the phone battery gets charged, similarly our body and brain gets charged during our sleep. It is said that it's important to have at least 7-8 hours. But if you get sleep interrupted for 6-7 hours, it's better. And my sleep schedule has always been less. In my career, I always had early morning shoots so I slept around 6-7 hours. We should not disturbed the nature's cycle of sleeping. And the people who can't sleep and are awake all night, they feel depressed, low but if you have a nice sleep, you feel fresh, you smile more, spread positivity. A good hard working day, a fruitful day helps me to get sleep peacefully and I myself feel like going to sleep early since I go to gym in the evening, my body gets tired after all the things I do in a day. And a walk is a must for a good sleep.

    Ranaksh Rana 

    I ensure I get a minimum of 6 hours of sleep in a day. I was used to waking up at 4:30 am in the morning as a kid and I try to wake up early to utilise the day to the fullest. Good sleep is not only a mood enhancer but also a mind and body healer. Whatever you are doing, the output will be higher if you are well rested- physically and mentally. The trick is to compartmentalise and keep your worries away when you prepare yourself to sleep, otherwise it will become a vicious cycle. If I know that I have given my best that day and worked hard to the best of my abilities, it gives me a sense of satisfaction. One step at a time and being at it is my approach towards peace and hard work.

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