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    The perfect workouts of Renu Kaushal are secret to her highly maintained physique

    World Super model Renu Kaushal spills the beans that her perfectly tailored workouts are what keep her in shape.

    She shares about her fitness schedule, “Keeping up with many assignments and upcoming movies becomes a task if one doesn’t follow the right workout patterns. I make it a point to make such a gym session that I can follow even when I’m swamped with work. I feel yoga and exercise goes hand in hand and stretching should be an integral part of the regime. It strengthens core muscles and is not very taxing. I find it relaxing after a long day at work.”

    Renu Kaushal has made India proud by representing her country twice internationally, and will next be seen in Punjabi movie.

    With modeling for top agencies and acting in many movies including Punjabi films, Renu Kaushal has her path paved for success. Her stunning photos and videos on social media are enough to prove her perfectly unabashed beauty.

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