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    Akriti Khatri from Venus Detective has created an inspiring video to celebrate International Women's Day.

    On the occasion of International Women's Day, Akriti Khatri from Venus Detective is here with an inspirational video in honor of women's freedom and empowerment.

    Authored by Jitender Pawar and directed by Jitender Nagar Jeetu, the video showcases a powerful message apropos women which say, "Whether she chooses to play with a doll or drive a car, chooses to play house or hit a sixer, IT'S HER FREEDOM. Whether she chooses to wear pink or blue, keep her hair long or keep them short, IT'S HER FREEDOM. Whether she dances to a tune or makes someone eat dirt in a match, chooses cooking, or chooses to go into the field, IT'S HER FREEDOM. Become an HR by selecting Arts, or pilot a plane by picking Science as her stream, chooses to get married, or decides to pursue higher education, IT'S HER FREEDOM. Whether she chooses to deck up or chooses to pick up the gun at the border, let her do as she pleases. Do not pressurize her. IT'S HER FREEDOM. Respect women, respect their freedom."

    In the words of Akriti Khatri, "It is important to celebrate women because why not? Women are strong, they're influential, they're the crux of a family. They are the heroes who play their roles from the shadows. As much as International Women's Day has played a crucial role in identifying women in our society, I wholeheartedly believe that women should be celebrated every day rather than just once a year."

    Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7v9EaoO-BQ

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