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    'Aggar Tum Na Hote': Angad takes his revenge 

    The Wednesday episode of "Aggar Tum Na Hote", which is produced by Jatin Sethi (Naad films), Mahesh Pandey (Mahesh Pandey Productions) and Piyush Gupta (Pixx Entertainment), started with Niyati giving the money to the kidnapper and asking him to give her daughter to her. The kidnapper sees the police, which Niyati was clueless about, and runs away. Niyati tries to stop him and Abhimanyu too runs after him but in vain. While running the kidnapper throws the baby, which Niyati later sees was a doll. The kidnapper then sits in a small truck and leaves. Niyati sees the baby in the trunk but couldn't take her. They continue running after the truck but he manages to escape. 

    Meanwhile, the Pandey family has organised a havan for the baby's safety but Abhimanyu's call leaves Gajendra shocked. He informs the family that the kidnapper escaped and asks Gajendra to use his contacts to find the truck. Niyati stops Gajendra and tells him that then they won't be able to find the baby ever. Niyati blames Abhimanyu and tells him that because of him she has lost all the scope of getting her baby back. Abhimanyu tries to console her and they realise that the road on which the kidnapper escaped had a shortcut too. They leave to find the baby. 

    At the same time, Angad comes to meet the wardboy and calls a beggar too. He tells her that he is giving her an opportunity to earn money everyday and gives her the baby. He tells her that she needs to beg near the Pandey mansion so that the Pandeys can look at her daily and still be unaware that she is her daughter. He says this is his revenge. 

    Will Niyati and Abhimanyu be able to find their baby? To know what happens next keep watching "Aggar Tum Na Hote".   

    "Aggar Tum Na Hote" features Himanshu Soni, Simaran Kaur, Prithvi Sankhala, Himakshi Jain, Anita Kulkarni, Dev Singh, Avinash Wadhwan, Tushar Chawla, to name a few. The show airs Monday to Friday on Zee TV.

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