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    Veronica Vanij and Ashmit Patel shoot in haridwar for their upcoming movie Dreamy Singh

    Veronica Vanij and Ashmit Patel are shooting for their upcoming film Dreamy Singh in the chilly winters of Haridwar during peak winters. They are having a ball of a time. This movie has been the talk for quite some time and we are surely going to hear much more on this. It has something for every one. They have had a long time preparing for this one and the stills from the sets show that they are engaged in some intense work. We can't wait to know more about this movie. We spoke to Veronica over a call and here is what she has got to say.

    Here she goes, "I was narrated and I absolutely loved it. It was like an upheaval of emotions ranging from fun to sadness and nostalgia. I always say this that the magic is in the writing and it was a yes for me because of that. We are currently shooting at very low temperatures and I love the winters here in the north. Haridwar is a lovely place and it's almost like a part of me resides here. Having a ball of a time shooting here. The crew is just amazing and we are like a close knit family. Can't thank god enough for the opportunity to work on my passion. "

    We would keep you updated on this and we would bring more news about the movie. The movie is getting a lot of anticipation and that will be great going forward for the industry as a whole.

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