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    “I strongly believe that there should be an association for casting directors so that even this field of the industry can work smoothly” says Casting Director Aman Devgan.

    With growing industry demands casting has become an imperial part of the btown business but with the pro’s comes the cons as the ace casting directors have started facing backlash from the artists.

    Devgan who’s known for his casting spell in shows like Sacred Games , AK v/s AK , Whistle Blower and many more takes a dig at the newbee’s in the casting business.

    Aman states ,”Sadly Actors are constantly targeting all casting directors because some of the upcoming new bees in the business. They are being termed as unprofessional for being unable to deliver the promised deliverables to the artists but the entire profession is ill termed by the artist thereby. It’s sad because we work really hard and because of just a few people we all are judged”

    Demanding an association for the casting he states, “Every profession in the industry has a association for there professional recognition
    For actors CINTA
    For producers IMPA Infact there’s an association for the junior actors as well but none for casting so there is no boundation on becoming a part of this. I strongly believe there should be a association which can verify the needful things so that even this field of the industry can work smoothly”

    We wonder what Our btown celebs have to say on the casting business ruckus.

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