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    Vijayendra Kumeria on social media responsibility of celebs: There is a price for everything… one has to be right and respectful and not get careless with words

    Vijayendra Kumeria says over the years there has been a big change in our life, all thanks to the internet. And, he also affirms that social media has become a part of everybody’s lifestyle now.
    “In a big or a small way, personally or professionally, good or bad or different ways our lives are affected, and it varies from one person to another, but yes there is an impact. I don’t know if one should call it revolutionary, but yes it has brought a big change in this world,” says the Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha actor.

    There are constant talks around how celebrities should act responsibly on social media given that so many people follow as well as them.
    Agreeing, Vijayendra adds, “Celebrities have to be very responsible as they are the ones who are in the limelight. There is a price for everything. What celebrities have to understand is that they do have a certain responsibility. And that they will be appreciated if they do something good, trolled if they say something wrong. So, one has to be right and respectful and not get careless with words. Putting your point of view is everyone's right but the correct way is something one should know. Apparently there are people who purposely create a buzz saying wrong things or right things that get them publicity.”

    The number of followers has become an obsession with almost every person. “Majority are running behind followers. They’re following trends, dancing, mimicking, making all sorts of efforts to increase followers on their social media accounts. Personally I don’t run behind followers. I like to post what I feel like, not what the trend is. I concentrate on my work. I would prefer millions in my account than on my social media account. As I know those who truly are my fans are always going to be with me,” he adds.

    The world of social media is fake, everyone says so but also tries to get attention via social media. “Everyone is a generalised form of addressing. I would prefer a majority. Majority of people are living for social media. Vacations, family dinners, friends reunion etc are turning into photo sessions. It's more about making moments to capture and not about living the moment. It's right that most of the people deny it but they are living a social media dominated life, you can call them double standards,” he says.

    Social media has become an ego massage tool and it is disturbing the regular life of actors as they need to create new content every day.

    “It is imperative for actors to post pictures, videos, reels and their daily routine if they want to have a good number of followers and impressions. I've seen people getting stressed about putting new pictures at specific times twice or thrice a day. I have seen people creating situations and clicking pictures and videos which will help them get more eyeballs, but I would again say, it depends on a person if you want to take that pressure or not. I can talk about myself. I will not take this pressure ever to massage my ego and make my presence felt all over social media,” adds the actor.

    Talking about trolls and how he deals with it, Vijayendra says, “Trolling should stop, if you don’t like what the other person has posted or said you are free to counter them. Trolling, abusing or bashing is not right. I usually don’t get trolled and even if someday unfortunately I get trolled it won't affect me a bit… I might just laugh about it.”

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