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    Sham Mashalkar celebrates Tulsi vivah, reminisces his childhood during the puja

    India is called the land of festivals for a reason, because just when you think the festivities are all over, a new festival knocks at the door. After wrapping up Diwali, Tulsi vivah was celebrated with much enthusiasm at actor Sham Mashalkar's home. The festival was observed on November 15 where the Tulsi plant is decorated like a bride and is married to the god Shaligram. 

    The "Sasural Genda Phool 2" actor said, "We have been celebrating Tulsi vivah since I was a baby. My grandmother used to do it, then my mother did, and now my wife does too. It's celebrated on the day of Ekadashi and we perform the puja in the evening. We get Tulsi ji ready first, we decorate her with chunri, gajra, and then she is married to god Shaligram. We bring Shaligram ji from the temple in our house and put it near Tulsi ji. We all get dressed up and perform the rituals." 

    "We wear our traditional clothes and we save our Diwali firecrackers especially for this day. Once the wedding ceremonies are over, we burn crackers and end the day on a happy note," he added. 

    Remembering his childhood, Sham also revealed that his son too now waits for the festival just like he used to as a kid. He said, "When I was a kid, Tulsi vivah was celebrated in a grand way and I would tell my parents that I want new clothes for the festival and now my son too asks us to buy new clothes for him for Tulsi vivah." 

    The "Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani" actor also stressed that festivals like these not just bring the whole family together, but also take us back to our roots. 

    "We inculcate so many good things by celebrating such festivals, like respecting our culture, our traditions, our elders. These festivals teach us to be good and do good, and that good will always come to those who are honest and kind," Sham concluded.

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