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    Rajit Dev’s Diwali this year is going to be extra special: Diwali is on November 4, and the next day is my birthday, so there will be double celebration


    Rajit Dev’s favourite festival is Diwali. Explaining the reason behind celebrating this festival, according to the choreographer, is to remember that there’s always going to be victory in the end.
    “Lord Rama's victory over Ravana is an example for us to fight against the evil thoughts and bad things that are around us, and usher in positive energy, which lights up our heart and soul. I used to convince my parents a lot to buy me crackers because as a kid firecrackers used to amaze me, and we friends used to have a good time together. But now I realise the importance of Nature and Mother Earth, and how much crackers can affect the environment. So this Diwali, lights diya, eat lots of sweets with friends and family. That’s what I would also be doing this time,” he says.

    Sharing his Diwali celebration plans, Rajit adds, “I am going to celebrate the festival with my friends and family. Also, Diwali is on November 4 and my birthday is on November 5, so it’s a double celebration. I am planning a house party.”

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