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    Rajan Shahi talks about his daughter Ishika Shahi!

    A-list producer Rajan Shahi of hit shows Anupama and Ye Ristha Kya Kehlata Hai is elated with his daughter taking the family legacy ahead. Talking about Ishika, he says, “While she is looking forward to a career in modelling, love for direction and production is in her blood. In fact, she has already directed two short films and is interested in working with me and exploring the digital space. I always tell her that our industry is the best school, college or university for anyone who wants to learn. Just get into it headlong. Make your own decisions, and learn from them. Rise, fall and rise again, you have to learn from practical experiences. There is no better teacher than this industry. Talent, hard work and humility is the key to survival here.”

    Ishika is overwhelmed with the faith that her family has shown in her. She says, “I have learned from the best in the business. I have not seen a more hardworking and creative person than my dad. Having said that, I feel I have lots riding on my shoulders and I promise to give it my best.” 

    Rajan’s mother Deepa Shahi too is elated. She says, “I am happy with all that Rajan has achieved and wish him nothing but the best. I am happy that through my father, he learned humility and hard work. Rajan is a true leader and closely works with his team and even the cast.” 

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