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    Nivedita Basu is extremely happy about award nominations for Tandoor!

    Producer Nivedita Basu's web series Tandoor has been nominated for Filmfare OTT award, and she is thrilled about it.

    "I think the Filmfare OTT award nomination made us happy because Filmfare is like the ultimate black lady that everyone aspires for, even in the film industry. So yes, I felt extremely happy to see our name in the best series category," she shared.

    According to her, awards and rewards are always good.  "Sometimes people say, 'Bada nahi mila, chota mila.' Even the smallest recognition gives a boost because you know that someone somewhere appreciates your hard work and in this particular case even a nomination makes us happy. The moment I saw it, I kind of went back to September 2020 when we had just started the project and the whole pre-production, actor narrations and that whole adrenaline rush," she recalled.

    The subject and the performances of Rashami Desai and Tanuj Virwani were appreciated a lot. "Tanuj has known us for many years, but it was just a matter of chance that we got to work together because destiny played a huge role. He got free and pushed a lot to make a show and he adjusted dates according to me. Rashami was a boon. She's a great actor, but we needed to strike a balance of how Tanuj and Rashami would look together, and I think they worked like a house on fire," she said about the actors.

    Talking about the best compliment she has got for the web series, Nivedita said, "When the title and the teaser had come out, it had caught a lot of eyeballs. Being loosely inspired by the true case, something which people have not heard of, it tells what level a man can go for love."

    "The chemistry between Tanuj and Rashami was quite big (on social media) because Rashami is very popular, so I didn't know that it would have so much attraction immediately. I think once the teaser came out, a lot of people were showering us with praises, even the platform. I remember there was Pinky and there was Vibhujj who called and said that this show is going to be like a clutter-breaker for their platform," she said.

    As for her future plans, she shared, "I think the fact that we are enjoying this whole high of the black lady nomination is big enough. But yes, in February and March, there's something we've planned which will go on floors, so I'm waiting for that. Meanwhile, I have a new platform called Big Bang, so there's a lot of work to do. It's like juggling between two jobs."

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