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    Nidarshna Gowani talks about working with her Kamala Trust

    Entrepreneur and social activist Nidarshna Gowani has opened up about working with her Kamala Trust.

    She has been doing social work for a while now, and the most recent one was an acid survivors' event.

    "I have learned so much from acid survivors. They are so confident and positive. When we have small problems, we get affected a lot, but they always stay positive and happy," she said.

    Social work is an act of kindness and November 13 is observed as World Kindness Day. In metro cities, everyone is chasing something, but she has managed to balance her life and work efficiently.

    "No matter how busy we are, we all have to serve the society because what we will give, we will get it back. For me, social work is refreshing," she shared.

    She feels that everyone can start doing social work and give 3 percent or 10 percent to the society instead of putting the efforts or money in temples because God doesn't need money.

    People can get associated with her trust too.

    "If you like to help people without expectations, you can be part of our trust. We believe in giving and lifting up people," she said.

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