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    Hasan Zaidi: Festive sequences in TV shows have more drama

    Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana actor Hasan Zaidi thinks festivals are important for TV shows.

    "Festivals are always important. I think there is more drama. You can create and bring the family together, the production really goes in and out, plan events and sequences in such a way that it becomes something big on any show. People look forward to the Holi sequences in terms of performing them and people watching them. So yes in our Indian culture, they (festival sequences) are always looked forward to," he said.

    Audiences love to see their favourite characters all dressed up during the festive season. The song and dance in festive sequences also add value to the storyline and drama.

    "A lot of times there are characters who don't dance or aren't happy, but in terms of this, every actor gets to dress up and they do songs and dances. They all look forward to it. Even the audience looks forward to that otherwise they may not see them in that avatar and obviously, it adds a lot of value and lots of colour. It’s a good frame and something pleasant to watch, people look forward to it," he said.

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