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    Harshali Zine on trolls: They can’t affect my peace of mind… it's them reflecting their diseased mentality, why should I take it personally?

    It goes without saying that social media has redefined our lives. Things have become easier and good for us in more ways than one. However, many feel that the world of social media is fake, yet, at the same time, everyone wants that attention. Actor Harshali Zine decodes the whole thing.

    “One has to understand that social media isn't free, it costs you your focus. These free apps ask for permission to read your emails, text messages, listen to your phone calls, etc. The less apps you are on is better. Privacy is a myth in the age of smartphones and social media,” says the actor known for TV shows, CID, Diya Aur Baati Hum, web series, BOSS: Baap of Special Services, and Marathi film, Paach Naar Ek Bezaar, among others.

    Social media has become an ego massage tool and it disrupts the regular life of actors as they are expected to put new content on a daily basis.
    “Your confidence needs to be built from within. If you build it on compliments, it will shatter with criticism. Attachment is a prison one builds around them. The best way to keep a prisoner from escaping is to make sure he never knows that he's in prison. The Sooner one realizes this, the better. I can't talk for other actors, but I don't post anything out of any pressure or obligation or compulsion. I take regular breaks from social media without having to worry about losing followers,” she adds.
    What’s your opinion on trolls and how do you deal with trolling? “I don't think anything about them. They should not be given importance to. Nobody has that kind of power over me to affect my peace of mind. It's them reflecting their diseased mentality. Why should I take it personally?  It has nothing to do with me. I send them healing,” she replies.

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