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    Dipali Pansare: My child enjoying Diwali as much as me is best memory

    Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Kei actress Dipali Pansare loves Diwali and says her child enjoying the festival as much as her is her best Diwali memory.  "I love Diwali. I feel Diwali time has an amazing and different feel. Since childhood I have loved this festival. Lighting the diyas, making rangoli and meeting family members bring so much positivity. Being a Maharashtrian girl, I also love all the amazing farali," she said.

    "I was never fond of firecrackers, but when I see Ruaan growing up I see how fascinated he is for anar and phooljhadi. Last year only he understood the meaning of Diwali, so my child enjoying Diwali as much as me is the best memory," she added.

    Her husband and Ruaan are currently in Jammu. "I have taken a break for a few days. I am going to my in-laws' place (Jammu) and will be celebrating it with my family," said the actress, who features in the show produced by Herumb Kot and Nilanjana Purkayasstha.

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