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    Composer Nilesh Ahuja wants to explore his love for singing further, planning to sing some of his tracks in his next album

    Nilesh Ahuja plays a few musical instruments like the guitar, piano, tabla and harmonium very well and has always been keen to learn something new. The musician is known for songs such as Thoda Thoda Pyaar, Mehendi Lagi and Zahir Kare.

    “I love playing the guitar, piano, tabla and harmonium. Spending time with them makes me the happiest,” he continues, “I have taken formal training in Indian classical vocal music from Padma Bhushan Pandit Rajan and Sajan Mishra . They are renowned classical vocalists from Banaras Gharana. Apart from that I have also started taking basic voice technique training since I was in 6th grade. So yes, all these training over the years have only helped me grow. I am still learning and want to upgrade my knowledge.”

    Nilesh shares that for a music composer, knowledge of playing a few instruments is an unwritten rule. “The musical arrangement and programming which I do for my tracks, I try to create the sound unique and different. And that’s when I work on my piano and guitar to find out what more can be done,” he adds.

    Did you always wanted to become a music composer? “Yes. Composing new songs always fascinated me. I enjoyed coming up with new tunes, creating fresh melodies and listening to new music,” he says.

    Till now Nilesh has sung just one song titled ?? “Saajna“That song was released by MTV a couple of years back. I am actually planning my own music video soon. I will feature in it both as a singer and composer. I enjoy singing too and want to explore that love a little more,” he adds.

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