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    Bhai Dooj 2021: Celebs to travel out of Mumbai, make video calls

    Celebrities are either going to be adventurous and travel in times of pandemic to celebrate Bhai Dooj this year or enjoy the day by making video calls 

    Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha actor Saurabh Agarwal has three elder sisters. "I am the youngest, so there was never something like friendship between us but was always treated like their baby. At times they were bossy and at times loveable. I used to get a good amount of beating too," he recalled.

    "It was always fun to have them together. Now they are married. The elder one is Sangeeta then Sarita and then Smita. They always send me love and blessings on Bhai Dooj. If they are around the festive season, it's always fun and frolic as I become the kid again and demand a lot of gifts," he added.

    Ye Ristha Kya Kehlata Hai actress Nupur Joshi is travelling to Lucknow. "My nanihal is in Lucknow, so I am accompanying my mother for celebration with all my cousins and family. I have a younger sister. She’s the world to me, my dearest, my precious, my greatest critic, my saving grace, and if you call it, having a best friend for life, indeed she is," she said.

    Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei actress Anupama Solanki loves Bhai Dooj. "We celebrate this festival like Raksha Bandhan. My brother is my best buddy in the world. I share everything with him and vice versa. We both are backbone for each other. We always celebrate Bhai Dooj and most of the times, I celebrate Bhai Dooj at my hometown. Unfortunately this time, I won’t be able to celebrate it with my brother because I got viral fever and had to cancel my tickets. Now I am in Mumbai, but I will miss my family," she said.

    For Divya Drishti actress Ridhiema Tiwari and her brother, it’s a working Bhai Dooj. "Since my brother lives in Pune, his dooj teeka was couriered in advance. I'll pray for his good health, happiness and success in life. He's very happy to know about my new project and suggested we meet up once I find gaps between shoots. We may plan a short family vacation to celebrate it together another time. Having a sibling connects me to childhood. Through the good, bad and ugly or even rivalry in life, an exaggerated synthesis of mixed emotions, sibling love is an experience to be lived. It’s as important for self growth as any other experience in life. Having a great bond with a sibling is the best gift for life," she said.

    "My brother's name is Abhishek Tiwari and we have been best friends since childhood. Of course work and family give little time to bring back the long hours we used to spend together at one point of time, but we make sure to make happy memories out of every moment. We are both spontaneous and adventurous. My brother's sense of humour is kickass. There were times when we slipped away from boring weddings or family lunches for a quick drive or to grab something more interesting to eat. We both are foodies and love to travel. Born in the same month, August, we are very similar yet opposites," she added.

    But the fun quotient is exhilarating for her when she is with him. "He's such a giver and lives with a carefree attitude and loves sending me surprise gifts. He's the genie of my life who fulfills all my wishes without a blink. Though he is a softie inside, we sometimes have huge fights because of his sarcastic one liners and rude comments. But I love him the most and always will. He has stood by me through all odds like a rock. I am truly fortunate to have a brother like him," she said.

    Sasural Genda Phool 2 actor Sham Mashalkar doesn't have a real sister. "My real brother's name is Mukund and he means everything to me. He is an IT engineer and stays in Pune."

    Thapki Pyar Ki actor Aakash Ahuja's Bhai Dooj plan is to video call his sister. "I don't have a real sister, but my real brother means the world to me and having a sibling is way more than having a best friend for life. I think they're your guardians when required. They fight you when you need to be corrected in life. They're your support system. Mine is torchwood. My brother's name is Yuvraj Ahuja," he shared.

    Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei actor Himanshu Malhotra doesn't have a real sister, but there's one person with whom he really bonds. "That person is Dharti Bhatt. She lives in Mumbai and is an actress as well. She understands me really well and even though she is not my sister, she has always stood by me. I am busy shooting for my show Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei, but I will try to meet her. Having a sibling is a blessing. You not only get a best friend for life, but also a partner in crime and guide. You are never alone, and they are the best secret keepers. Be it a good day or a bad one, you always have someone by your side to celebrate and cheer you up," he said.

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