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    Actress Ridhiema Tiwari and her husband Jaskaran Singh are extra careful during Diwali- find out why!

    During Diwali a lot of animals are scared, restless and stressed because of constant and loud noises. They try to flee far away from the noisy crackers. Several pets get lost or meet with road accidents during Diwali. It's because noise from crackers, and even the sight of fire, scare them, especially dogs. They generally try to hide under the bed. Actress Ridhiema Tiwari and her husband Jaskaran Singh own three pets at home and they take utmost care of their babies during Diwali and ensure They don't get scared.

    Ridhiema who will be seen next in Sasural Genda Phool season 2 says,” I have 3 babies (Dogs ) at home and the loud noise during Diwali startles them. Out of them Arya -1.5 years old ( Female Indian Pariah) who was adopted during 1st lockdown is the most scared. She anxiously looks around the house for cozy places under a couch , bed or a stool and paces up and down until she buries her face into her paws .The other two -Rio & Rocky - 8 year old Cocker spaniel and 5 month old Boxer - are relatively braver . However during Diwali we make sure we don’t leave them alone and give them loads of love, treats and attention. During Diwali they are mostly indoors and walks are restricted to early mornings only. Thankfully Both my husband and I haven’t faced extreme symptoms of anxiety in our babies. As pet parents we repel loud crackers and keep our windows and doors shut to minimise noise pollution. Calming instrumental music is extremely soothing and relaxing for my babies. After a rigorous GO FETCH game session they are tired enough to sleep to their favourite Tibetan bell music.”

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