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    Actress Meera Deosthale celebrates her birthday with a house party; wishes to entertain people and make her family and friends proud

    Actress Meera Deosthale, who shot to fame with Udaan, celebrated her birthday on 16th of November with a house party. She says,”This year my brother came down from Canada so it just added up to all the fun. I couldn’t have been more excited. Every year we donate to an orphanage or old age home. And other than that there always a puja at home.” Speaking about what she has given herself, Meera adds,”

    I haven’t gifted anything to myself this year. But I have been telling my friends since a month ago what all I want for my birthday. I think it’s better that way. I get all the stuff I need. My birthday wishes for myself this year is that I want to grow in all aspects of life and career and have a little more fun than I usually have. And I should keep entertaining people like I have and make my fans, friends and family happy and proud of me.”

    Meera’s Udaan gang which consist of actor Vijayendra Kumeria, Paras Arora, Rajiv Kumar, Sai Deodhar, Tuhina Sharma were present.

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