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    Aalisha Panwar: Miss doing the pooja, eating good food and decorating the house with my family during Diwali

    Diwali means a lot to Aalisha Panwar. The Teri Meri Ek Jindri actor shares how during her childhood days she used to have great fun celebrating the festival with family back in her home town Shimla. These times meant a holiday mood for them, when friends, relatives and neighbours used to visit.
     “As a kid, I still remember my father decorating the whole house, putting up those fancy mirchi lights, flowers and diyas. My mother made those flower garlands for home and also decorated our house, mandir and main door. Proper cleaning of the house was done before Diwali and all those desserts, different dishes, sweets and the whole family coming together, relatives, neighbours, exchanging gifts etc together means the festival. I have always enjoyed Diwali. The phuljhari, anars, chakris were the attraction during my childhood. Even now when I talk about it I relive those moments and feel like going back to my home town, but this time I’ll be shooting here in Mumbai. Since the time I’m here, I have celebrated diwali alone here, so I really miss my family. I’m sure they will have a blast, I will join in the fun via video calls and also watch them do Laxmi pooja,” she says.

    Aalisha has not made much plans this Diwali. She will probably take a day off to make merry.

    “TV actor’s lives are unpredictable, when is your day off and when not, you never know, because if there is any telecast issue, we will have to go back to set, re-shoot. We also have special programmes lined up for Diwali, so that also needs to be done. So if I have a day off on Diwali, I will be at home and do some cleaning and pooja. I will decorate my house with the flowers, garlands, fancy lights and Diyas and make some kheer, among other things. If it will be a working day, I will obviously be shooting and be on set. And only after pack-up I will go home, do my pooja and light the diyas,” she shares.

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