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    'Anupamaa': Anupamaa to leave the Shah houseAnupamaa': Anupamaa to leave the Shah house


    Gear up for some dhamakedaar drama in Rajan and Deepa Shahi's "Anupamaa". 

    We recently told you that Anupamaa and Anuj get stuck due to the rain but fortunately find a shelter to spend the night. Anupamaa informs Babuji about it and Samar and Nandini ask her to stay wherever she is until the weather gets better. 

    In the Thursday episode, we saw that the kids, who were present at the house where Anupamaa and Anuj were spending the night, asked them to shake a leg and they both started dancing. But Anuj fell sick and Anupamaa realised he had a high fever. She took him to the room and made some kadha as well for him. While Anupamaa was taking care of him, Vanraj called back on the landline number, and was shocked to know that Anupamaa and Anuj were in the bedroom. 

    The next day, Anuj apologised to Anupamaa for anything he had said the previous night. Meanwhile, at home, Kavya taunts Vanraj that he should be welcoming his ex-wife with an aarti. 

    In the upcoming episode we will see that Vanraj questions Anupamaa's character and tells her that she spent the night with Anuj. Anupamaa has had enough of these accusations now and announces that she is leaving home. To know what happens next, keep watching "Anupamaa". 

    Produced by Rajan Shahi and his mother Deepa Shahi under their banner Shahi Productions Pvt Ltd, "Anupamaa" features Sudhanshu Pandey, Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna, Madalsa Sharma, Alpana Buch, Arvind Vaidya, Paras Kalnawat, Aashish Mehrotra, Muskan Bamne, Shekhar Shukla, Nidhi Shah, Anagha Bhosale, and Tassnim Sheikh. The show airs on Star Plus. 

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