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    Singer and flautist Paras Nath’s new composition ‘Inimitable Love’ is healing, energising, reflective and rewarding in many ways

    The next time you are upset, sad or angry, instead of calling your friend and complaining about what is wrong, try listening to ‘Inimitable Love’

    “Inimitable Love’ has a unique way of eliciting soothing feelings of joy, inspiration and awe. So the next time you find yourself wound up in a ball of stress, take a deep breath and play Inimitable Love” *says Paras Nath*

    Melody composed, arranged and performed by- American oriental flute and Indian bamboo flute by Paras Nath, Song mixed and mastered by- Manivannan Anandan, Music Producer by Anil Dhumal and Swaranjay Dhumal, Violin and Viola by Mumbai Live Strings.

    Shot by - Neel Salekar, Drone - Viraj Kute, Assistant- Aditya Desai, Video Edited- Chetan Sharma.

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