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    Chandni Soni talks about the value of the Environment!

    Chandni Soni who is a producer of Raktanchal is a great lover of nature. On World Environment day she says, "I think that small changes in our lifestyle go a long way in creating a clean and healthy environment. A change as basic as to just stop using plastic bags can contribute in a big way to protect the environment. My daughter Nandini Soni recently taught me to segregate dry and wet garbage. I was surprised that why didn’t we do it earlier. So there are many habits where a small change in lifestyle can help the environment in a big way" She hails from Himachal Pradesh and has been brought up in beautiful surroundings She says, "There is no substitute of natural surroundings. In cities like Mumbai or Delhi, you can't get what you can get in terms of nature and greenery in a place like Himachal. I believe in keeping my home full of plants. Greenery is very important to me. We all should value the environment."

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