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    Binaiferr Kohli on shooting in Gujarat

    Change in location has added newness to the show… proud of our team for the kind of work they’re doing

    Shooting of Binaiferr Kohli’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain and Happu Ki Ultan Paltan have been shifted to Gujarat given the situation in Mumbai. While this was not easy, good that the audiences are enjoying how these shows have a fresh feel given the change in location. At the end of the day, according to Kohli, the idea is to bring smiles to the faces of the viewers.

    “We’re in Surat, and both the shows have a super fresh feel which the viewers are enjoying. We’re shooting at the beautiful The Marriott hotel. I think there are wonderful episodes that are written based on this wonderful location. It feels good when the audience is enjoying the newness. In this pandemic, our positive shows are full of comedy and make people laugh and that is what is required right now. I'm so happy we can do it, Sanjay (Kohli; husband and producer of the shows) and his team are just brilliant. God bless them,” she says.

    Binaiferr and Sanjay are known to be very human and caring producers. Ask her about it and she replies, “I feel great, we try our best to give our best to our team, and our team is also the best.”

    Talking about what more the audience can expect from Happu Ki Ultan Paltan and Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain now, she adds, “The new location, freshness and of course new episodes highlighting the new twists and turns will make these laugh riots all the more a fun ride… In these tough times, my ray of hope is to see my team, healthy, happy and how they are working day and night to make good content. The fact that this time we had only one positive case, it makes me feel very good. I really want to look after all of them and turn this ray of hope into a big ball of sunshine.”

    She shares that her team is her “inspiration” and that she is “very proud of each one of them”. Binaiferr also talks about Neha Pendse’s much-talked-about entry into Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain. “Neha Pendse did May I Come in Madam with us. She’s also one of my favourite actresses and I see her entry as super. She’s doing really well for the show, and the show is also doing very well for her and I really look forward to seeing her scenes, like everybody else. She's doing a great job. The whole team is bonding well and helping each other and everything is going super. Neha is putting in a lot of effort and is going to pay off,” she sounds positive.

    The OTT space has been booming for quite some time now, ask about her production house Edit 2’s plan regarding venturing into that space and she answers in positive. “Yes, we're going to venture into OTT soon. Our three shows have been keeping our hands full hence the delay in making a foray into the thriving online world. Sanjay is known as the King of comedy and rightfully so because he and his team concentrates fully on what they're doing right now. We are thinking of doing something interesting and different for OTT,” she concludes.

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