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    Bhavika Motwani the debutant from FNP Media's short film Red Shirt is inspired by Madhuri Dixit!

    Bhavika Motwani is making her acting debut with FNP Media's short film "Red Shirt" which is scheduled to release on June 11. The actress calls Madhuri Dixit as her acting inspiration but also mentioned that she is hooked on to the characters Radhika Apte has been portraying on-screen.

    She said, "I’ve grown up watching and learning from Madhuri Dixit ma’am. The way she can say 1000 words just by her expressions is unmatchable. Currently, I love the films, and series Radhika Apte ma’am is doing. The roles she has chosen are not so mainstream yet raw and beautifully played by her. Every role leaves a mark."

    Her debut "Red Shirt", a sci-fi thriller, is based on the reality that people go through because of social media. She said, "Fame has actually become a game for so many, like we’ve seen so many cases on social media in the past one year and not necessarily all happened to be cries for help and innocents got punished by the audience. For the same reasons, the actual cries for help are shut down or misunderstood."

    "As for the genre, coming from a science background, sci-fi thriller is my favourite genre to watch and play after rom-com. I love how we can make things that don’t necessarily really exist yet turn into a reality using technologies like vfx and more," she added

    Though Bhavika doesn't connect to her character much, she relates to her aspect of leaving a corporate job to become a social media influencer. She added, "My character Swati is blinded by greed for fame and all the luxuries that come with it. I’m very happy about the fact that the character is very different from me, else it wouldn’t have been challenging."

    The young actress is grateful to Mr. Vikaas Gutgutia, MD and Founder FNP Media for giving her the opportunity. "I’m blessed to be able to kickstart my acting career with them. I hope we’ll be able to work together for more projects in future," Bhavika signed off.

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