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    Vikaas Gutgutia is happy that his venture FNP Media, an exclusive platform for short films, is getting much love and support

    After his successful businesses like Fern and Petals, Cakes and More, among others, Vikaas Gutgutia has ventured into the entertainment industry with FNP Media. Always keen on exploring the possibilities in showbiz, Vikaas shares that it was only time that he realised his dream.

    “I always go for innovation and keep trying new things. After observing the entertainment industry closely for some time now and my research, I understood the nitty gritties of how things work here. I realized that short films have a bright future and enjoy a good audience. FNP media will showcase a variety of short films that are realistic and high on good content. We started FNP Media in September last year and the first film was Soul Mother. One of the films called Happy Birthday showcased on our platform featuring Ahana Kumra and Anupam Kher also bagged multiple nominations at the New York City International Film Festival,” he says, adding that the idea came to him in September 2020.

    The reason he decided to produce their short films too for FNP Media is because it allows them to have “total creative control”.

    He continues, “You can experiment and take risks too. Since we are producing our own films as well as acquiring films from various other directors and producers. I have dedicated a team to take care of all departments. I want FNP Media to showcase a wide variety of short films with quality content. I feel the subject should appeal to the heart and sensibilities of the audience. Every week we want to come with fresh short films and the objective is to entertain the audiences with the right content.”

    Throwing light on the kind of subjects preferred on the platform, Vikkas adds, “The subjects which make you think and touch your heart. We want to show films which have real situations and real emotions. Short films are in these days. The trend of digital content is the reality. People are watching content on YouTube and OTTs, and they are viewing content not just on computers or TV but even on their mobile phones. Entertainment is an ever-growing business which always works.”

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