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    Somy Ali- I love watching the Discovery channel as you learn so much

    Actor turned humanitarian Somy Ali’s life is dedicated to No More Tears, her NGO that assists and empowers survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence. When not busy with her work, the actor spends time with herself. Among the things she enjoys doing is watching TV, movies and series.

    “I love watching Discovery channel as you learn so much. I love animals and a huge fan of plants and nature. We grow so much with what they show, and their content is so knowledgeable. The best part is that it is a no-nonsense unscripted channel. I am also a huge fan of crime shows. I have a Netflix subscription and I watch tons of documentaries and shows. I enjoy biopics a lot, Bollywood is making quite a lot these days and among them some are interesting to watch. I also watch BBC a lot as I find it perhaps one of the most legitimate sources of news,” she says.

    Apart from watching what she likes, Ali is fond of exploring new destinations. And when she is unable to do that, she watches travel shows to quench her wanderlust. “I like the travel shows as well. As you get to see many new countries right from the comforts of your couch and plan where you want to go next,” adds Ali.

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