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    Sneh Binny: Spreading fake news creates more panic in such times, I hope those doing it understand the gravity of the situation

    Looking around how the situation is turning grave due to the virus that is raging havoc upon human lives, entrepreneur Sneh Binny says condition in India is definitely worrisome. While keeping the hope alive within is getting difficult at times, Binny urges everyone to stay strong, follow norms to fight against Covid-19. “People are panicking, the government is doing all they need to do to control the situation. It’s very difficult, but we should not let our guards down. We are all in this together and good days are coming soon,” he sounds hopeful.
    On how he is holding up, Binny adds, “I keep myself busy with work. I focus less on the news and especially some fake news that people circulate on WhatsApp or on social media. I tend to ignore them. Spreading fake news creates even more panic and I hope those doing it understands the gravity of the situation. Instead of panicking, we need to focus on what we can do to help the government and the people and ourselves to make the situation better.”
    Regardless of lockdowns or no lockdowns, according to Binny, we need to follow the simple rule of 3 M’s. He explains, “3 Ms are M: Mask up, M: Must wash/sanitise hands frequently and M: Maintain social distancing.”
    Binny continues, “The reason we are in this situation is because of our carelessness. People blame the government for everything. They are trying to do their best. But are we following all the norms properly. I see cops having breakfast, lunch and dinner at the nakabandi near my house because they don’t have time to go home or else we might break norms. They are doing their best to stop people from stepping out unnecessarily. But if we still do not understand the severity of this situation then God help us. It’s time that we take necessary steps, we will win our fight against Covid once again only if we are aware and cooperative.”

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